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Joining the Regular Membership is only $15/year. Ag Leaders Club/Young Ag Leaders Club is a $35 annual educational and service category. Agricultural Leaders Club Plus is $100 but it saves $125 off the registration price for the Institute or Agriculture's Promise.  Allows for individuals to fully benefit from organizational events and programs. 

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National Young Farmer Educational Association - The Association for Educating Agricultural Leaders

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NYFEA — Mission, Vision and Other Policy
The mission is to promote the personal and professional growth of all people involved in agriculture. 
The purpose is to develop leaders, inspire service, strengthen communities, and enhance the success potential for American agriculture, especially the beginning farmers.
The objective is to accomplish this mission through programs and services designed to provide: a national framework to inspire personal achievement;  b. educational opportunities to build business and environmental stewardship skills; and  c. leadership and service opportunities for living and working in a local and global community.
.The vision is a world where all people value the vital role of agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource systems in advancing personal and global well being.
The focus is on answering the question: “Where will we find the next generation of young and beginning producers and young agribusiness professionals?”

Ag Leaders Club/Young Ag Leaders Council