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Joining the regular membership is only $15/year. Ag Leaders Club is $100 but it saves $125 off the registration price for the Institute or Agriculture's Promise.  Allows for individuals to fully benefit from organizational events and programs. 



Mission, Vision and Other Policy
The mission is to promote the personal and professional growth of all people involved in agriculture. 
The purpose is to develop leaders, inspire service, strengthen communities, and enhance the success

potential for American agriculture, especially the beginning farmers.
The objective is to accomplish this mission through programs and services designed to provide:
a—a national framework to inspire personal achievement;
b—educational opportunities to build business and environmental stewardship skills; and
c—leadership and service opportunities for living and working in a local and global community.

Organizational Details
NYFEA – The Association for Educating Agricultural Leaders is a non-profit 501 (c)(3), non-political, educational association for agriculture.
The association has received recognition by both the United States Department of Education and the Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education as an integral part of adult education in agriculture.
NYFEA is a diverse organization with membership covering the entire spectrum of agriculture. NYFEA is the only national organization specifically dedicated to the next generation of young agriculturalists.
Agriculture’s Promise (Washington Experience): NYFEA has discovered a bounty of opportunity. From visits to the historically significant and extremely motivational monuments to the discussions with key policy makers at both USDA and in Congress, the attendees have found this to be an extraordinary experience. All organizations with an emphasis group (council, committee, advisory board…) focusing on training and encouraging the next generation are invited to attend. All that is required is a willingness to join in the group policy discussion. This event is hosted at the headquarters hotel and coordinated by NYFEA. Otherwise, individuals and groups are encouraged to canvas “the hill” and share their story of why the United States must make a commitment to the next generation of agricultural leaders, better access to credit, good rural leadership support (easy access to the dollars), added funding for collegiate scholarships for rural young people, etc. This event is in the Spring of each year.


National Institute: The NYFEA Institute, held annually in the Winter, serves four major purposes:
- Agricultural educational programs - Through workshops, seminars and trade shows, participants have the opportunity to refine their leadership skills, business management techniques and knowledge about technological advancements.
- National association business - During this time delegate business sessions are conducted and national officers are elected.
- Showcase outstanding agriculture, agribusiness and leadership – Tours of local agricultural industry, farms, museums and historical sites are offered. Salute programs are featured.

.- Fun: National entertainers and motivational speakers uplift and encourage members.
National Agricultural Communication Award: Each year contestants compete to be selected as accomplished communicators. They are selected based on successful completion of a agricultural communication exercise. The ultimate result of this national competition is that it promotes a refinement of the skills needed to be effective promoters of agriculture. Winners also receive free trips to Washington. .

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