National Young Farmer Educational Association - The Association for Educating Agricultural Leaders


The association offers an opportunity for individuals to participate in training sessions that will teach them about verbal and communication. The program is designed to be a window on the world of effective communication. Winners are provided free trips to future conferences.



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In 1966, the young producers and their instructors and mentors joined for the first National Institute (convention).

In 1982, the association organized to support the  annual convention.

In 1994, the association re-located to Montgomery, AL and set up a full-service membership model.

recent programs

NYFEA features the Ag Promise event in Wshington, DC. It is a wonderful learning experience for the participants. 


More than 15,000 local, state, and national affiliated participants. Covering 35 states. 

mission & vision

Answer the Question: Where will we find the next generation of young and beginning producers?



NYFEA,  the National Young Farmer Educational Association, is proud to be an association that educates agricultural leaders.  Founded in 1966, It is a leadership development and community service organization focused on young / beginning producers and young agribusiness professionals.


NYFEA has adopted a long-range educational plan entitled “Education for American Agriculture” (EAA).  This dynamic undertaking provides seminars and resources to train individuals in agricultural leadership and business management.  The association seeks to provide support for the next generation by helping them understand the opportunities found in agriculture.  Finally, NYFEA recognizes individuals who participate in this educational plan by providing numerous national awards. NYFEA annually salutes the top producers and agribusiness leaders at its national convention.




Presently, NYFEA serves people with activity at the national, state, and local level.  Participation is open to all interested individuals.  The association places a major emphasis on programs that salute and encouraging young and beginning producers, recognize agribusiness professionals and assist with community development.


NYFEA holds the Agriculture’s promise conference after the first of the year in Washington and the National Institute in the winter. The institute changes locations each year. They serve three major purposes:


Education - Through workshops, seminars and motivational speakers, members have the opportunity to refine their leadership skills, business management techniques, knowledge about technological advancements, etc.  The Washington experience allows NYFEA members to listen to policy-makers and then develop a series of critical issue statements that impact the future of Young Beginning Producers and Young Ag Professionals. They then deliver these to their specific Congressional offices.


Showcase local agriculture, agribusiness and culture - Agricultural industry tours are offered. Also featured are tours of local farms, museums and historical sites. Entertainment is exceptional.


Salutes of Young and Beginning Producers, Young Ag Professionals, and Agricultural Leaders – Programs designed to encourage and motivate the next generation of agricultural leaders.





The association offers an opportunity for individuals to participate in a learning experience that will enlighten them on important topics that will help them make better decisions. Through internet training materials and convention programs, the association will provide valuable information to its members.  The feature activity is the panel discussion at the annual Institute and an Institute program for the Young /Beginning Producers and the Young Agricultural Professionals.  The Ag Decision Makers’ College brings policy to the people.